Monday, 1 July 2013

Watch Big Brother (UK) BB 14 Season 15 Episode 19 Online (7-1-13) On Channel Five

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Big Brother (UK)      

Season 1, Episode 19

Episode Name : BB 14, Episode 19

Air date:  7/1/2013

4:00 PM , Five (UK)

Summary:  Day 19: Callum tells Wolfy: "Stay strong"

Day 19: Callum tells Wolfy: "Stay strong"

Callum and Wolfy have been getting into a morning routine of late. At lights on, Wolfy clambers into bed with the C man for a long cuddle and debrief on House events. This morning's session was particularly heartfelt with the result that the pair are closer than ever.
Nothing pushes people together like a bit of suffering and yesterday was a toughie for both members of team tactile.
The apple of Callum's eye, the hoarse-voiced long-maned receptionist with an intriguing past, made it clear their romance was a non-starter yesterday. Charlie's casual revelation was dealt with stoically by Callum who has said in the Diary Room that he fancies her. But we see those longing looks. We heard the song of heartbreak he strangled earlier.
In the absence of Charlie, the presence of a friendly figure in Wolfy is even more meaningful to the PE teacher.
Wolfy has her own reasons to seek comfort in a chum's embrace. Friction between herself and Dan has been shaking her shamanic calm for several days. It's at the point where she can't even meditate it out of her system, an alien sensation.
"Stay strong," said Callum in hushed tones. "Meditate lots if you need to, We can have lots of chats."
See what you're missing, Charlie?

Wolfy finds a novel way to wind down at the end of another long day in the House.

Tonight on Big Brother's Bit on the Side: Monday 1 July
Roll-up, roll- up to the greatest spin-offshow on earth... fine, on Channel 5, FINE, on at 11pm.
Tonight Rylan and AJ will be welcoming freshly evicted housemate Jemima, slightly less freshly evicted housemate, Sallie, stand-up comedian Joel Domett and the lucious Linda Lusardi, tv presenter and former model.
Psychotherapist Rachel Morris will be on the couch to delve underneath that tricksy House surface and there'll be exclusive news to make your eyes pop. 

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